Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Old Pali Road

Old Pali Road is located at the Nu'uanu Pali Lookout. I had previously attempted to find out what lies at the end of Old Pali Road ( see Pali Highway Lookout), but ended up turning around.

This time I was on a mission to see where the Old Pali Road would take my daughter and I.

My daughter spotted some wild chickens on the way to Old Pali Road and insisted we take a closer look.

After taking in the beautiful view we went down towards the beginning of Old Pali Road marked by a road closed barricade. No worries, the road is closed to motorists- pedestrians have the green light.  

On the way down the path, you can take in a view of the H3 Tunnel.

Here is a video I took of our excursion down the path to the trail.

After the paved path ends the trail begins along a chain link fence adjacent to H3. We ditched the stroller and began our journey on the trail.

The trail is runs alongside H3 and offers incredible views the various surrounding mountains.

There are quite a few creeks you will be crossing along the path. After it rains these areas produce mini waterfalls.

   Most of the creeks have small bridges to keep footing. The trail is maintained making it great for kids.

  Along the trail we spotted many slippery elm trees. For centuries Native Americans have used slippery elm as a traditional medicine. Singers and public speakers use slippery elm as a throat-soothing lozenge. In fact, during the American Revolution, even gunshot wounds were routinely treated with a poultice of this herb.

We reached a sign at the foot of some stairs that said we had 9 miles to get to Maunawili Falls, which is what I believe is the end of this trail. With a 2 year old at my side, I knew this wasn't feasible without some serious preparation. With this in mind, I turned us around to head back the lookout point while taking in some killer views of the Koolau Mountain Range.

The Old Pali Trail Still a great hike to bring the kids on an outdoor adventure. If you do bring small children, please make sure to bring a hiking carrier like the ones mentioned at the recommended gear tab at the top of this page to stay safe. Enjoy!

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