Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lanikai Pillboxes

Lanikai Pillboxes is nicknamed for the 2 WWII bunkers at the top of the hike that resemble pillboxes.  Pillboxes is located in Kailua near Lanikai Beach. Parking is free and available along the chain link fence facing a golf course/country club.

This is a short hike that took us about 30 minutes to reach the top taking our time.

When you walk up the hill that leads to the hike you will spot the signs indicating the start point. As with other hikes in Oahu, we recommend appropriate shoes with grip and a hiking carrier for small children like the ones mentioned in the Recommended Gear tab at the top of this page.

The beginning of the hike starts off on a steep incline, but there are plenty of jagged rocks to get a foothold. There is also a yellow rope to help pull yourselves up as seen in the photo above.

This was the first view my daughter and I had of  the Mokulua islands on our way up to the pillboxes.

On the way to the pill boxes there were plenty of different trails. Try to follow the crowd or follow the sound of chatter if you take a wrong path. Use caution when trans-versing up and hiking back down because there is loose gravel that may cause slippage at the steeper parts of the hike.

My daughter really enjoyed the view of the Mokulua islands. This hike can be really hot with intense sun in the summer, therefore I recommend taking breaks to rehydrate and reapply sunscreen if necessary.

Another view of the the Mokulua islands and the town of Kailua below.

  Here was our first glimpse of the WWII bunker/pillbox. In the bunker there is a ladder the family can climb up to get an unforgettable view of the Mokulua islands and the beautiful teal colored ocean .

Here is the inside of the bunker tattooed with graffiti. The ladder that leads to the top of the pillbox is located in the right hand corner .

  The pillboxes reportedly were observation posts built between World Wars I and II, which could alert shore artillery batteries to any approaching enemy ships.

Eventually they were stripped out and left abandoned by the military. Lucky for us,  since they provide an absolutely  gorgeous view.

    We stepped out in front of the pillbox because my daughter was tired of hiking. We never climbed to the top of the bunker, but the view here was pretty enough for us.

   Here is a departing shot of the mountains. After your done with the hike, take the family to Kailua Beach to cool off from the heat and head into town to try an Acai Bowl from Lanikai Juice. Their juices are organic, delicious, and healthy.

The address to Lanikai Pillboxes to find using your GPS is: 382-498 Kaelepulu Dr Kailua, HI 96822

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