Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kailua Beach Park

Located on the windward side of the Oahu, Kailua Beach is known for its fine white sandy beach and very small, if any, waves. These conditions make it a premier beach for kayaking.

For Kayak rentals and transportation to Kailua - click here.

Kailu Park has plenty of space for family gatherings and is an ideal spot to celebrate a kid's birthday. The park also provides few pavilions for this purpose.

Outrigger canoes line the shoreline of the teal waters. This particular day local schools competed in races. The photos below capture some of the action.


   To the left of the park facing the ocean, there is a canal that feeds from the center of Kailua town and ends at the tidal pool in the photo above. The tidal pool is a popular social gathering for toddlers and kids. Kayakers also use it to get to and from the beach.

A group of kids fished out this baby Talapia along with some crabs.

In the tidal pool you could see schools of fish and other sea life. The fish along with the depth and calmness of the tidal pool makes this area appealing to kids.

   My daughter had a blast at the tidal pool and made some interesting new  friends.

  Kailua Beach was the perfect place to try out the Sweep Panaroma function on my new Sony Cyber-Shot Camera.

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Kailua Beach is one of the top family beaches in Oahu and offers a less crowded alternative to Waikiki Beach.

The Address for your GPS is 526 Kawailoa Road, Honolulu , telephone for pavilion reservations/birthday parties is (808) 266-7652


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