Saturday, May 28, 2011

Iolani Palace

 The Iolani Palace is a National Historic Landmark  located in downtown Honolulu .

Iolani Palace was built on August 1882 by Hawaiian government appropriated funds to build a modern palace. King Kalakaua's vision was to enhance the prestige of Hawai`i overseas and to mark her status as a modern nation.


 King Kalakaua installed electricity in the palace even before electricity was introduced into the White House.
Additionally, he installed other high tech gadgetry such as flushing toilets, bath tubs, and 200 gallon hot water tanks.

 Queen Liliuokalani was also imprisoned within these palace walls during the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

This decorative plaque from one of the four principal Palace gateways depicts the Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Hawai`i and bears its motto:  "Ua mau ke ea o ka`aina i ka pono"

"The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness."

Here is the menu of tours available. We learned that children 4 and under are not permitted on self guided tours, but they can go on guided tours of the main palace.
Since my daughter is only 2 and we were limited on time , we chose the self guided Basement Gallery Exhibit where you are permitted self guided tours with kids under 4 for 7$.

When we arrived in the basement we were greeted with a nostalgic photo of Queen Lili`uokalani, King Kalakaua, and their family members.

Portrait of King Kamehameha II and Queen Kamehameha.

     After the overthrow of the monarchy, Provisional Government officials inventoried the contents of `Iolani Palace and sold at public auction whatever furniture or furnishings were not suitable for government operations.


 The Friends of `Iolani Palace, as part of its mission to preserve, restore, and share the spirit of `Iolani Palace, has endeavored to find, recover, and preserve original Palace and monarchy furnishings and objects (like these chairs) , many of which have been scattered throughout the world.


    King Kalakaua's beloved canes and accessories.

  The Queen's Royal Jewelry display was magnificent and truly memorable.

The Basement we toured was only a fraction of the Iolani Palace. I highly recommend that your family do a complete tour of the palace to get enlightened with Hawaiian history and culture.
The Museum is open:

Monday – Saturday 9am-5pm
Ticket window closes at 4pm

364 S King St
Honolulu, HI 96805
(808) 538-1471


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