Monday, April 11, 2011

Pacific Aviation Museum

The Pacific Aviation Museum is located near the Battleship Missouri on Ford Island. Buses leave from the Arizona Memorial exhibit. Tickets are 20$ and 10$ for children.  Admission includes full access to 25+ aircraft and all exhibits, including WWII Hangars 37 & 79, MiG Alley, historical videos, the Museum Store, Laniākea Café and the award winning Pearl Harbor documentary East Wind, Rain.

Get the Go Oahu Card

and admission is free along with transportation.

Below is a clip explaining the history of the Pearl Harbor attack and a virtual tour of the museum.


This tower was used during the filming of the movie about the attack on Pearl Harbor. There are plans to stabilize and restore this historical monument.

From the moment we walked in, we felt transported back in time. The nostalgic pictures, music, and aircraft helped to imagine what life was like for American GIs in Hawaii during that era.

My daughter was excited to see all the exhibits of historical aircraft.

Here is as simulated ready room where the pilots were briefed before dropping the bomb on Hiroshima.

     The combat flight simulator is a great way for the kids to pretend they are pilots for the day. The Pacific Aviation Museum website has a coupon to try it for free.

   The red arrows represent the flight path the Japanese used to attack various targets in Oahu. The video has real survior stories from the area.

   A facinating explanation of the bombs the Japanese used during the air raid.

   More nostalogic pictures of American Sailors in Hawaii during the 30's

  This is Hangar 79, one of the targets of the Japanese during the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

  Bullet holes in the glass remain from the attack.

   Kaylyn and I enjoyed the Soviet Mig Vs American Sabre exhibit where the advantages and disadvantages of both aircraft were explained. They also had a video of the aircraft roles in the Korean War.

   The Pacific Aviation Museum is a great way to educate the kids on a significant piece of American history and culture. I recommend you combine this museum along with the Arizona Memorial, USS Bowfin Submarine, and  Missouri Battleship as a family activity for the whole day. Your family will love it !


  1. Can't believe I haven't been here yet.
    Thanks for the suggestion and pics.

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