Saturday, April 2, 2011

Monoa Falls Hike

Monoa Falls is located in a residential area at the end of Manoa Street about 10 minutes away from downtown Honolulu. Parking at the base of the hike costs 5$ cash. We forgot to bring cash so we parked further down the road for free. Pictured below is the path that leads to the Hike Entrance.

If you are interested in a tour guide with transportation included click on this link: Manoa Falls Hiking Adventure

Bring extra water, comfortable shoes for hiking, and insect repellant. The mosquitos where swarming us until we applied California Baby Citronella Bug Repellant Spray, 6.5 oz all over our arms and legs. This stuff really works and its safe for our daughter.

The Hike is a little under a mile long through a scenic forest until the path ends at a beautiful 150 ft waterfall. There are quite a few rocks and muddy steps to climb, therefore if you are planning on hiking with small children we recommend you use a baby carrier similar to the Chicco Smart Support Backpack, Red. Take your time going up the trail and be mindful of slippery rocks.

Near the entrance of Mona Falls Hike there is a restaurant and a cafe. We stopped at the cafe and ate a quick lunch before we ascended on our hike. We recommend you pick up some of the shaved ice for the family. The Rainbow's End Cafe's shaved ice was really good, even for local standards.

Adjacent to the path of the Hike is a scenic stream that the waterfall flows into. The sound of the stream can be heard from the path, so naturally daughter wanted to get a closer look. We would advise against going into the water because there were signs warning against anyone swimming in the stream due to leptospirosis contamination.

About halfway through the Hike we came across a bamboo forest. This is a good spot to take breaks and pictures . After this point the hike started to get steeper and muddier. Again, use caution with the little ones as there were a few times I almost lost my footing. Pictured below is an example of what to watch out for.

This was the first glimpse we had of the waterfall. The whole family was excited to reach the end and see the waterfall up close.

The area was roped off at a certain point to keep hikers from getting to close. Apparently there was a landslide a while back that almost resulted in some people getting hurt. There were a few benches to sit down and take breaks before heading back with the family.

The Monoa Falls Hike is highly recommended for those looking for a family hike with a waterfall. Remember to come prepared with water, mosquito repellent, and hiking shoes.

Enjoy Manoa Falls and please share your experience with this hike or any questions you have in the comments section.


  1. Very informative. I did Monoawili Falls it was great. Am looking forward to this. Thanks for the details.