Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pali Highway Lookout

Pali lookout is quite easy to find. Get on H1 East from Wakiki, take the Pali Highway Exit 21A, and follow the signs to Pali Lookout Point.

Nuuanu Pali Lookout Parking costs 3$. There is a machine for parking that takes credit cards or cash. Parking is free for locals, just tell the parking attendant you are Kama'aina- Thanks Oahu Mom!

The Pali Lookout Point is easily accessible by stroller.

There are various signs throughout the park discussing history and facts of Pali Lookout.

One of many goose bump enticing views your family will see at Pali Lookout.

These pictures don't do the view justice. Your family will have to come to see just how amazing the view at Pali Lookout is yourselves.

Here is a description of the Old Pali Road. The road is closed to motor traffic, but it is open for pedestrians to hike, bike, or stroll down for different views.

 Old Pali Road is smooth enough for a stroller.

The trail on Old Pali Road is surrounded by mountains and native Hawaiian vegetation.

Further down the Old Pali Road there are plenty of opportunities to take pictures of unique vantage points.

An example of one such vantage point at Pali Lookout.

Along the Old Pali Road, you can spot H3 and the Tetsuo Harano Tunnel that cuts through the Koolau Range. Take a drive on this highway and your family will see why H-3 is widely considered one of the nation's most beautiful Interstates.

As you can see further down the trail the vegetation is overgrown. Keep this in mind if you bring a stroller unless you have a machete. We turned around after a certain point and headed back.

On the way back up on Pali Road.

One great thing about coming back up the trail is its all up hill. Mom and Dad will get a chance to burn off some of that ono Hawaiian food.

Please let us know if you have any questions or any suggestions below in the comments section. Mahalo!


  1. Parking at the Pali Lookout is free if you live here. Just let the parking attendant know you're kama'aina.

  2. Replies
    1. Nicely done! I moved here from a neighboring island but know nothing about Oahu. Thanks for the info, pics, and story! Aloha

  3. Thank you so much for this site, and your detailed descriptions of the family-friendly hikes on Oahu - particularly, I appreciate that you note whether a stroller/carrier would be appropriate, or where you had to turn back due to difficult terrain (that is SOOO helpful!). My family is stationed here until February, so I want to get out and see the island while I can. I have two kids, and while my son is six, my daughter is only two (which, as you know, really limits what we can do here, as far as outdoor activities go!) I've bookmarked your site, and keep referring back to it. My son and I are looking at your pictures and reading your descriptions right now, to help us decide where we'd like to hike this weekend!

    Thanks again!

    Laura McPeak

  4. Just so people are aware, this hike was closed due to a landslide. Pali Lookout is still available as a viewpoint but the Old Pali Road is no longer accessible.