Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mariner's Ridge Hike

Today I took Kaylyn for an early evening hike to Mariners Ridge near Hawaii Kai. Take H1 East until it turns into H72, then turn left on Kaluanui Road and find parking near the entrance photographed above. Make sure to heed to the no parking signs or you will find a 35$ parking ticket on your windshield when you return from your hike.

The terrain of the Mariners Hike starts off at a transverse incline with plenty of roots and rocks to help with footing. No strollers on this hike, but a baby carrier will come in handy. Carrying my 2 year old was a little taxing and I wish I brought my Kelty TC 2.0 Child Carrier, Black. It would have made the hike so much easier on both of us.

About 4 minutes into the hike you will be greeted with an pretty view of Koko Head and the Hawaii Kai area below. This would be a great time to pull out the camera and take some great pictures with the kids.

Along the way you will spot plenty of birds, cacti, pine trees, and even centipedes as seen above.

Further up the trail you will come across a scenic view of a nearby mountain range that is awe inspiring.

Make sure to bring a light windbreaker jacket for the kids if you plan on making this hike late like I did. She was a little chilly when I set her down for a rest.

Mariner's ridge offers plenty of areas for shade that are perfect for taking a break with the family to recover. You will need them unless your family is very active. Pace yourselves and enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding nature.

The trail takes about 1 hour to get the summit and about 45 minutes to get back since the return is all down hill. We made it about 45 minutes into the hike before we turned around because the sun was starting to set.

On the way back down we caught some great views of sun setting over the mountains.

Overall our experience at Mariner's Ridge was great. It would have been better if we hit the trail earlier and we brought my child carrier for my daughter, but we still had fun. I highly recommend this hike for active families looking for some outdoor adventure in Oahu.

Kaluanui Road

Honolulu, HI 96825

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