Thursday, March 3, 2011

Diamond Head Hike

The entrance to Diamond Head seems innocent enough. Parking costs 5$ cash only, or included with the Oahu Go Card .

There are restrooms at the entrance and I suggest using them before the family accends on the stairs. If you forget to bring water there are vending machines located near the restrooms and a vendor that sells last minute provisions.

There is a trail that leads to literally thousands of steps. However, as we learned the hard way it is not smooth enough for a stroller. If you are determined enough, I would strongly advise a baby carrier for hiking with the little ones. This is essential as it will save your back and keep baby happy. I recommend the Chicco Smart Support Backpack, Red or Evenflo Snugli® Cross RoadsTM Carrier Navy/Taupe.  

We ended up having to leave Julia and my then 1 year old behind because we did not have a hiking carrier like the one mentioned above. I wouldn't recommend bringing infants on this hike without that carrier and plenty of water. Also, make sure to wear comfortable tennis shoes and apply sun screen.

One of the many breathtaking views from the summit of Diamond Head.

A pretty view of the light house below.  

                                 Along the way, your family will see many amazing views of Waikiki, maybe even catching a glimpse of your hotel.

 That's all for today Ohana. If you have any questions and are planning to include this hike in your itinerary and you need more information for planning ahead, please let us know.


  1. I'm glad you wrote this, I was wondering how this hike would be for a baby. We may give it a try with the baby back carrier we have.

  2. Erica, get a baby back carrier for sure and bring her sippy cup. It will be a great workout for DJ.

  3. Like the blog but the lack of common sense is scary, it's a hike not a walk in a shopping mall. This was written in 2011 how did you not use Google Maps to see that it clearly is a hiking trail.